Doing Everything Right

Reveal the Truth

Buckshot is a TRPL Threat

Introducing the T3 Savage

The Panthers Begin

We Are Hip Hop

What Are You Doing Today?

Sway & TRPL Vs Kanye

Kadeem Hardison TRPL

Buckshot & Sway

Doing the Get Light Dance

The Panthers Half Time

Terry Crews Wants TRPL

Aiden is a TRPL Threat

Buckshot Brooklyn Bowl


Everyday Necessities

Buckshot Leaves

The Panthers Game Over

Natty Rocberry Speaks PR

Sadat X Shout Out

Phil Livoti at APSCO

About the Game

Kangol Kid of UTFO

Ebro & Buckshot

Buckshot Bowls

DSHAW Speaks

DSHAW Goes to China

DSHAW Arrives in Japan

DSHAW Arrives in Hong Kong

The Crew in China

The Factory Production

Lunch with Dr. Woo


Season 01